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Insulated cotton leggings

Insulated cotton leggings

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❄️ ❄️ Insulated cotton leggings❄️ ❄️

🍁Insulated cotton leggings for the fall and winter season are an irreplaceable part of the wardrobe of every woman who values ​​comfort, warmth and style in the colder months. These leggings combine functionality and fashionable design, ensuring not only thermal comfort, but also an attractive appearance.

❄️The material they are made of is high-quality cotton, which breathes perfectly and prevents sweating, which is important during intense activities in colder conditions. The inside of the leggings is insulated, which makes them extremely pleasant to wear and perfect for wearing under pants or a dress on frosty days.

🍂 These leggings have an elastic waist that adapts to your body, ensuring perfect fit and comfort. Thanks to this, you don't have to worry about the leggings slipping or being tight.

❤️They are available in various colors and patterns, which allows you to choose them to suit your individual style. You can wear them as a stand-alone piece of clothing or combine them with different tops to create various styles. Insulated cotton leggings for the fall and winter season are definitely a must-have for every woman who wants to look fashionable and feel comfortable during the winter weather.


  • L (36/38)
  • Waist circumference after stretching: 100 cm
  • From the crotch down: 65 cm
  • From the waist down: 91 cm
  • XL (40/42)
  • Waist circumference after stretching: 110 cm
  • From the crotch down: 65 cm
  • From the waist down: 96 cm
  • 2XL (44/46)
  • Waist circumference after stretching: 120 cm
  • From the crotch down: 68 cm
  • From the waist down: 98 cm
  • 3XL (48/50)
  • Waist circumference after stretching: 140 cm
  • From the crotch down: 68 cm
  • From the waist down: 98 cm
Gentle wash at 30°C. Use the appropriate washing program and avoid high spin cycles.
Do not bleach
Do not use a tumble dryer
Do not dry in direct sunlight


95% Cotton

5% Elastane

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Customer Reviews

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Leginsy ocieplane

Dostawa błyskawiczna, super jakość. Po praniu nic się nie dzieje. Polecam!

  • Cotton knit

    is resistant to mold and fungus: Cotton is a material that is not conducive to the growth of mold and fungus, which means that cotton knitwear is easy to keep clean and hygienic.

  • Softness

    material that does not irritate the skin, thanks to natural cotton, it is usually gentle on the skin, which makes it a good choice for people with sensitive skin or prone to irritation

  • Flexibility and fit

    thanks to the addition of elastane, the cotton fabric becomes more elastic and adapts to the shape of the body, which ensures comfort and freedom of movement.